• ©GRIMMWELT Kassel, Foto: Harry Soremski

  • ©GRIMMWELT Kassel, Foto: Andreas Berthel

  • ©GRIMMWELT Kassel, Foto: Andreas Weber

Welcome to the GRIMM WORLD Kassel

The GRIMM WORLD Kassel transports the Brothers Grimm and their fairy tales into the modern era. By artistic, medial and interactive means, this newly created adventure space conveys the fascination of the life, work and influence of the Brothers Grimm. The GRIMM WORLD Kassel offers much more than just a formal display of valuable literary and historical exhibits.

Some particular highlights in the GRIMM WORLD are the personal copies of the Childrens' and Household Tales of 1812/1815 with handwritten comments by the Brothers Grimm (since 2005 part of the UNESCO "Memory of the World"), the "Colored Roots" in the section "WOODEN ROOTS", which the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei created specifically for the GRIMM WORLD and donated to the city of Kassel, or the fascinating installation on the German dictionary by Ecke Bonk, entitled “Random Reading / Book of Words”, which already captivated the public at the documenta XI and is now a permanent feature of the GRIMM WORLD. But find out for yourself.

Take an up-to-date look at the Brothers Grimm in this fascinating landscape of knowledge-and-experience, which we invite you to explore.