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Grimmwelt A Z c Nikolaus Frank

Today | 03.00 pm


Permanent Exhibition

Mother and child look at fairy tale books in the "Folk tales" section.

GRIMMWELT adventure space

Experience fairy tale collectors and linguists Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in this fascinating world of knowledge and discovery.

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News Grimm Family

»Grimms Cassel«

Kassel as the central hub and focal point in the lives of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm—a biographical journey.

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News Special Exhibition

Eine Spurensuche in Märchen und Recht


Einladung zur Eröffnung | 28.09.23 | 19 Uhr

Special exhibition imPOSSIBLE | The magic of wishes | Photo: Sascha Mannel
Special Exhibition

»imPOSSIBLE? The magic of wishes« special exhibition

Swing VR - The Dream of Flying

The picture shows a page from the handwritten biography of Jacob Grimm.

The City of Kassel Grimm Collection

Just how important the Brothers Grimm are for the city is reflected in this extensive collection, which houses a large number of exhibits relating to the life and work of the brothers and their fairy tales.

14 paper dioramas on the history of the Grimms' German Dictionary.

From A to Z

The “German Dictionary”

When the Brothers Grimm agreed to compile the "Germany Dictionary" in 1838, they could only begin to imagine the immense amount of work that would actually entail.

Authors editions of the Children's and Household Tales with handwritten notes by the Brothers Grimm.
GRIMMWELT Grimm Family Fairy Tales

Famous around the world

The “Children’s and Household Tales”

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm’s wish was to preserve folk tales for posterity by bequeathing this unique collection of fairy tales.

A double portrait of the Brothers Grimm in profile drawn by Ludwig Emil Grimm.
GRIMMWELT Grimm Family

Fairy tale collectors, linguists – to name but a few

The Brothers Grimm

The brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm are inevitably associated with their collection of Children’s and Household Tales and the writing of the "German Dictionary". But their lives also reflect the national history of German and its Biedermeier society around 1800.