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Special Exhibition

IMAGINARIUM - Ausstellungsmotiv


The new temporary exhibition at the GRIMMWELT Kassel from 9 May to 13 October 2024 will bring to life the world of Czech puppet and travelling theatre, its art, and the fairy tales and stories that go with it.

Permanent Exhibition

Mother and child look at fairy tale books in the "Folk tales" section.

GRIMMWELT adventure space

Experience fairy tale collectors and linguists Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in this fascinating world of knowledge and discovery.

The GRIMMWELT Kassel is ideal for families and children; it offers a varied programme with a wide range of ways to explore the world of the Brothers Grimm.

As well as the famous Grimm’s fairy tales, there is lots to discover about the brothers and their family, their life in Kassel more than 200 years ago, and their research of the German language.


There’s so much to see, do and experience here. And there are lots of exciting hands-on displays and activities, because the GRIMMWELT is not a museum, but a world of experience—and not just for grown-ups, either.

Two children at the Insult machine in the GRIMMWELT.

You can swear as much as you want at Ä wie ÄRSCHLEIN (A for Arse).

Mother with son at the bedside of Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother.

It’s pretty scary behind the THORN HEDGE in Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother’s house...

Children in the exhibition in front of the artwork "Storybomb" made of concrete and mortar.

Who lives here? LITTLE CREATURES from the Märchenbombe (“Storybomb”).

Holiday programme

No more boredom in the school holidays! The GRIMMWELT offers a varied programme of school holiday activities that children and teenagers can sign up for.

How about a cartoon film workshop, a sewing course to make your next Halloween costume, or an exploration walk on the trail of the Brothers Grimm? There’s always something new to see or do in the school holidays.

Would you like to join in? Then sign up for our Newsletter, and make sure you don’t miss our next school holiday activity programme!


Ticket prices & family ticket


10 € | 5 € special exhibition only

Children aged 6–17

7 € | 3 € special exhibition only

also valid for schoolchildren, students, trainees/apprentices—see Visitor Information for further reduced rates

Children under 6

admission free

Family ticket

25 €

Family season ticket for 1 year

85 €

A family is defined as a maximum of two parents with their children or two grandparents with their grandchildren. The children or grandchildren must be under 18 years of age.

What’s a suitable age for children to visit the GRIMMWELT?

The recommended age for children visiting the permanent exhibition is six. In particular, the exhibition area on the topic of “Language Research by the Brothers Grimm” is only suitable for children already in primary school.

Smaller children are still very welcome, however. In fact, nursery school groups also enjoy visiting us – especially the interactive fairy tale world around the DORNENHECKE (thorn bush).

Can I take a pushchair into the exhibition?

The permanent exhibition on the first and second basement levels and the special exhibition on the first floor are accessible to all by lift from the ground floor (foyer, shop, catering area, toilets) and may also be accessed with pushchairs.

For safety reasons, we reserve the right to restrict pushchair access to the exhibition rooms if necessary (e.g., due to large numbers of visitors). In this case, spaces are provided for storing the pushchairs.

And what about the roof?

The roof of GRIMMWELT can also be reached by lift from the GRIMMWELT foyer.

Is there a baby changing room?

The disabled toilet on the ground floor is fitted out as a baby changing room.