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Grimmwelt A Z c Nikolaus Frank

Today | 03.00 pm


Permanent Exhibition

Mother and child look at fairy tale books in the "Folk tales" section.

GRIMMWELT adventure space

Experience fairy tale collectors and linguists Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in this fascinating world of knowledge and discovery.

In the GRIMMWELT Kassel, the Brothers Grimm are transported from the olden days to modern times in an artistic, multi-media interactive experience. Discover and become part of the Grimms’ fascinating life and work.

Visit the permanent exhibition and the special exhibition in a guided tour or at your own pace with the GRIMMWELT audio guide, and discover new, fascinating facts about the famous collectors of fairy tales.

2 people look at the Grimms' legacy.
Pictures of people who belonged to the Grimm's letter network.
Two men look at the legacy of the Grimm family.