My Name Was Written On Every Page

Nov 4, 2021 - Apr 24, 2022
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Blick in die Sonderausstelleung Necla Ruezgar

My Name Was Written On Every Page Necla Ruezgar

»My Name Was Written on Every Page« | Series 2021 | Ink on paper | 76*56 cm

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Aquarell - Necla Rüzgar

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GRIMMWELT Kassel is opening its new special exhibition on 4 November 2021: for the first time, over one hundred drawings and watercolours by the Turkish artist Necla Rüzgar (born 1972) will be showcased in a solo exhibition in Germany.

Most of the works in the exhibition belong to the series called »My Name Was Written On Every Page«, which the artist began during the first lockdown of the pandemic in the spring of 2020 – as a reaction to the events.

Necla Rüzgar’s works often deal with socially critical topics. Indeed, she sees herself as an artist who addresses the »problem zones« of being a woman, but also that of being a human being, illuminating them in a cross­cultural way. At the same time, her paintings convey a profound narrative based on ancient tales. Inspiration comes from an inner canon of images developed by the artist since her earliest childhood from stories told by her grandfather.

Ausstellung My Name Was Written On Every Page

The central motif in Necla Rüzgar’s visual work always comes back to the symbolic transformation or fusion of a human being into an animal or hybrid being – a theme that has guided her for around twenty years. The real and the fantastic converge, allowing the audience to lose themselves in their own fantasy worlds.

»I guess I adapted myself to the isolation worldwide by reducing and paring back my own world more and more. I started to scale down my figures, my techniques and my materials according to my living space.«

Necla Rüzgar

Curriculum vitae

Necla Rüzgar was born in Tunceli, Turkey, in 1972 and now lives and works in Ankara

Since 2013, she has worked as a professor at the painting department of the Faculty of Arts at Hacettepe University in Ankara, where she also studied.

Her works have already been featured in international exhibitions, including in Alexandria, Basel, Berlin, Bucharest, Freiburg, Seoul, Thessaloniki and Zurich. The artist is represented by Galeri Nev.

Necla Ruezgar mit Publikation

Necla Rüzgar


You can discover the following themes to the special exhibition:


The State Secretary in the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art, Ms Ayse Asar in her welcoming address to the exhibition:

»I am very pleased that Necla Rüzgar’s first solo exhibition in Germany is taking place at Grimmwelt in Kassel.

Just as the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm have more than one dimension, Necla Rüzgar’s often magical works also offer several dimensions and deal with current social problems such as the oppression of women.

I was also touched by the fact that many of the exhibited works were created during the first lockdown of the pandemic, a time that threatened the existence of many artists. We in the Ministry of Science and the Arts also experienced the worries and hardships very clearly and reacted to them with two cultural packages to support creative artists in this difficult time. Because where bright and creative minds can flourish, they contribute to making our society fit for the future.«


»My Name Was Written On Every Page«

Director | Head of Programmes
Peter Stohler

Project Management
Manuela Greipel

Project Assistant
Christina Soose

Mediation| Supporting Programme
Julia Ronge

Press | Public Relations | Marketing
Katja Blum

Exhibition Design
Gebert & Krüger, Kassel

Miriam Steen

Stefanie Büscher, Christine Großberndt, Claudia Roßkopf, Lina Schmidt, Timo Vogt

Technical Construction | Lighting | Media Technology
Armin Jakob, Rolf Tonhäuser

Art Handling
Srećko Barišić, Tobias Sieber


Graphic Design
Büro Ballmann Weber

Galeri Nev, Ankara, Turkey
Deniz Artun, Duygu Kosovaeri, Rana Kuseyri

We would also like to thank all contributors, including:
Matthias Heß, Ulrich Duttenhofer, Matthias Marth, Florian Müller, Heiko Wiktor


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