imPOSSIBLE? The magic of wishes

Nov 24, 2022 - Jun 11, 2023
Special Exhibition


Special Exhibition

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documenta at GRIMMWELT

GRIMMWELT is an exhibition venue for documenta fifteen, which takes place in Kassel from 18 June to 25 September.

Permanent Exhibition

Mother and child look at fairy tale books in the "Folk tales" section.

GRIMMWELT adventure space

Experience fairy tale collectors and linguists Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in this fascinating world of knowledge and discovery.

A world of wishes awaits the visitors – dreams of the future, wishing, and cursing. The new special exhibition* is about imagination and the self-evidence of the impossible in fairy tales but also about one’s own wishes, thought experiments and trying things out.

* The exhibition of the VÖGELE CULTURE CENTRE (CH - Pfäffikon SZ), will come to Kassel in November 2022 in a version specially adapted for GRIMMWELT Kassel.