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Menage a cinq

Tomorrow | 03.00 pm

»Ménage à cinq«
Grimms Gerüchteküche

Special Exhibition

imPOSSIBLE? The magic of wishes

A special exhibition about imagination and the self-evidence of the impossible in fairy tales - and more - will come to Kassel in November 2022.

Permanent Exhibition

Mother and child look at fairy tale books in the "Folk tales" section.

GRIMMWELT adventure space

Experience fairy tale collectors and linguists Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in this fascinating world of knowledge and discovery.

  • Workshop

Writing like the Grimms did

A letter is written by hand with pen and ink.
For Educational Programme


60 minutes

Group size

max. 1 school class at a time


German, English, French


25 € per class plus admission and guided tour costs. Only bookable in combination with a guided tour.


In the “FROTEUFEL” workshop, pupils write a letter with a quill and ink—just like the Brothers Grimm.

They are transported back in time to the early 19th century, where they discover how hard it is to get by without ink erasers etc.

The issue “What do I wrote about in my letter?” is also discussed, so students learn in a playful way how the Grimms built up their network of scholars, authors, professors and friends.

Illustration of comic inkwell with eyes.


Various teaching modules (e.g., guided tours, workshops and workbooks for individual exploration in small groups or via the app) can be compiled and adjusted to suit school curricula.


On foot

The walk from Kassel Main Line station (Hauptbahnhof) to the GRIMMWELT takes about 20-30 minutes.


Take a RegioTram or KVG tram to the “Rathaus” or “Rathaus/Fünffensterstraße” stop, then follow the signposted pedestrian route (approx. a 7-minute walk).

Procedures and other information


On arrival, participants are requested to wait outside the GRIMMWELT building until the tour guide has registered the group at the cash desk and paid the entrance fee.


Before the group enters the building, the tour guide will be given a sticker (instead of an individual ticket) for each group member. These stickers must be displayed visibly on group members’ clothing.

Corona advice

Any verification of a negative test or other pandemic-related formalities required must take place before the main group enters the building or, where appropriate, the tour guide must complete the formalities at the cash desk in advance while the group waits outside.


Bags, jackets, overcoats etc. must be deposited in the cloakroom or in a locker.


Workshop & Admission

On site at the GRIMMWELT cash desk (cash / EC card / credit card)

Cancellation conditions

Workshop & admission

Reservations for workshops for school classes, kindergarten and day-care groups can be cancelled free of charge.