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Menage a cinq

Today | 03.00 pm

»Ménage à cinq«
Grimms Gerüchteküche

Special Exhibition

imPOSSIBLE? The magic of wishes

A special exhibition about imagination and the self-evidence of the impossible in fairy tales - and more - will come to Kassel in November 2022.

Permanent Exhibition

Mother and child look at fairy tale books in the "Folk tales" section.

GRIMMWELT adventure space

Experience fairy tale collectors and linguists Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in this fascinating world of knowledge and discovery.

  • Educational Material

A walk through the exhibition on the trail of “Hansel and Gretel” | Workbooks

Image of the three student guides for visiting the permanent exhibition.
For Educational Programme


approx. 30 - 60 minutes

Group size

ideal for individual exploration of the GRIMMWELT in small groups or for follow-up work after a visit


free of charge / after registration


Teachers can order free workbooks for visits by school classes. The books open up the GRIMMWELT and the universe of the Grimms for schoolchildren to explore.

Besides questions to answer and tasks to complete while the children are still at the exhibition, the workbooks also contain further information and additional tasks which can be used in the classroom for follow-up work after the visit.



This workbook, which focuses on the Brothers Grimm’s collection of fairy tales, was designed for children of primary school age.


This workbook, which deals with the Grimms’ collection of fairy tales and gives a brief introduction to the brothers’ linguistic research, was designed for Secondary School Level 1 (approx. age 11–16).


This workbook concentrates on the Brothers Grimm’s “German Dictionary” and their linguistic studies. It was designed for Secondary School Level 2 (approx. age 17–18).

A look at the book

Illustration of pink book with eyes for children.


Various teaching modules (e.g., guided tours, workshops and workbooks for individual exploration in small groups or via the app) can be compiled and adjusted to suit school curricula.